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Loving Episode 13 – Clip 2

Episode 13 - Loving - TV Series

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19 Dec 2018

3 Responses

  1. LPinoche says:

    Ok, guys, I was so into the first scene, wondering how the hell they would manage to make a love scene “soap opera” style, expecting for a cheesy music and a close up on candle lights or big flowers, or something and then BAM ! a fairly old dude shouting “I love eggs !” popped up and for a split second I just thought “Well, that was unexpected.” before realising it was a commercial. xD

  2. LPinoche says:

    Watching the clip again, I realise the guy in the commercial is not particularly old at all. Don’t know why I perceived it like that. It was just the contrast that messed my mind up I guess.

  3. LPinoche says:

    Anyway, sorry Monsieur, I’m happy you find so much joy in eating eggs. Have a lovely day. xD

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